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We are a business specializing in Real Estate Owned (Bank Owned) properties that has been involved in REO for over 10 years. We started out in Anderson, Indiana and have taken the same high level of quality service and business process, and moved to other regions of the country - some due to the request of our satisfied asset managers and investors. This common approach to handling REO properties has allowed us to service our clients with confidence, and eliminating the ramp up of working with new asset managers as our new offices are already trained in our tried and true method of handling REO's.

Through our support team, licensed agents and broker associates, we have extensive experience in all phases of handling real estate and REO properties - BPO's, listing, selling and property management.

We start out by taking on your BPO requests, getting them done in the agreed to time frame. Utilizing our MLS services, government agencies and local expertise on our markets, your BPO is completed with the very best comparables - and completed to a very high quality. By sharing our processes throughout our companies and agents, we have consistant pricing protocols, that culminates in our listing to contract price ratios being greater than 92% - and even higher for properties listed at greater than $200,000.

To see all we offer, visit our Asset Manager section as well!

We're here to serve, so browse through our listings, and contact us at one of our regional offices and we're sure you won't be disappointed.


REO Brokers America, LLC is a holding and central services company, and is not a licensed real estate brokerage business. As it's own company, It does not engage in the listing or brokering of any real estate; and is the majority owner of Florida REO Brokers, LLC- a licensed Florida RE Brokerage; Georgia REO Realy, LLC - a licensed Georgia RE Brokerag Indiana's REO Team, LLC - a licensed Indiana RE Brokerage; e. All real estate brokerage is done through their licensed brokerage companies in their respective states, with licensed brokers and agents.

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