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We are a Real Estate Owned brokerage business that has been involved in REO for over 10 years. We started out in Anderson, Indiana and have taken the same high level of quality service and business process, and moved to other regions of the country - some due to the request of our satisfied asset managers and investors.

This common approach to handling REO properties has allowed us to service our clients with confidence, and eliminating the ramp up of working with new asset managers as all of our offices are trained in our tried and true method of handling REO's.



All of our brokers price opinions are completed utilizing the latest project management and comparative analysis tools. BPO'sOur knowledge of the local areas that we serve, and our long term knowledge in pricing REO properties ensure that you will get the best and most knowledgeable price opinion available, short of doing a full appraisal of the respective property.

We report on your website or through direct emails to the asset managers, utilizing Multi Forms™ ensures that we cover all of the professionally required areas for a solid and consistent BPO. All of our photographs come with a digital time stamp, consistent with the timeframe that is requested.

The same is true for all of our MMR's as well.

  • Check out our coverage areas by Zip Code:


Property PreservationProperty Preservation

All of our contracted property preservation is done with our local contacts, and reports come to you complete with before and after pictures, time stamped to enable the bank's asset managers to keep their files in order.

We handle all types of issues, including:

  • Cash for keys
  • Re-keys
  • Trash-outs
  • Maid Cleaning Service
  • Landscaping
  • Curb appeal recommendations
  • Hurricane preparedness*
  • Snow removal*
  • Mowing
  • Winterizing*
  • Weekly drive-by's

* As appropriate

Our goal is to keep the REO property in tip-top shape so your listing moves faster, and is ready for inspection with little or no notice!


Project Management

All of our properties are managed 100% of the time. In each office, we have assigned an operations manager that monitors all of the activity that goes on with each property - and each property is assigned a licensed agent or broker associate, responsible for updates, drive-bys, listing management and sales.

REO Brokers America - REO MaestroWe utilize REO Maestro™ for all of our properties, which allows for clear, consistent and timely communication on your property, no matter who you talk with when you call.


Information TechnologyInformation Technology

We utilize the latest IT systems with our office support teams, and make them available to our agents and broker associates at no charge as well. These include:

  • Micro-Soft Office™ - Including Outlook, Powerpoint, and Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat 8.0™ for use in all of our reporting
  • Adobe Acrobat Meeting™ for online conferencing on issues and investor presentations; including video conferencing, both domestically and internationally
  • e-Fax™ - ensuring that we have all of our faxes on the respective desktop 24/7, directly to our email.
  • Digital cameras with flash and time stamp capability
  • Office networks (LAN's) linking our desktops and laptops to the same software and hardware systems
  • Hi-Speed internet connection
  • Web site, including a sortable listing for all properties listed by us


Sales Support

With our principle broker, licensed agents and broker associates, we are able to give the exact type of assistance needed to our buyers in their REO transaction. We constantly review our listings with known REO buyers, making them aware of new listings in our office. We also support the property listing toSales Support new buyers by:

  • Yard and/or Window Signage
  • Lock boxes
  • Multiple Listing Service with our local RE Board
  • Local Real Estate expertise
  • Access to REO listings specific to REO Brokers America affiliates through our website:
  • Signing up of new potential buyers through our "interested buyer" sign in page and marketing new listings directly to them
  • Recommendations on curb appeal improvements that we feel will help move your properties quicker
  • Check out our local company pages for our zip code coverage areas

Financial Services

All of our REO businesses follow a strict billing protocol, done in our centralized Financial Services Department based in Bradenton, Florida. Our mission is to have all invoicing posted within 48 hours of receiving our invoice - including contractor/utility invoice, local REO Company invoice and proof of payment - all scanned into one easy to read .pdf file.

We are trained and very familiar with:

  • HomeSteps (Freddie Mac)
  • Fannie Mae
  • REOTrans
  • Invoice Management
  • And spefic bank only billing web sites and processes
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