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Submitting offers on any of our properties.

To submit an offer, please call your respective office, and one of our licensed agents will be happy to assist you.

But first, please read the guidelines below to ensure you make a successful offer.

Proof of Funds
All offers must include proof of funds. The seller may not respond to your offer without proof of funding. Either a pre-approval letter or a statement on a bank letterhead indicating availability of funds is required.

Addenda – A Sellers Addendum will be provided either with your counter offer or as your counter offer. Such addenda will stipulate the as is condition of the home and other terms relative to closing dates and instructions, title insurance and inspection periods.

We specialize in selling Bank Owned, Foreclosed properties, which are usually sold “as is”.
Please allow AT LEAST 3-5 Business Days Response Time on ALL Offers.
Our customers have instructed us that quick responses are not always possible.
Wait 3 Business Days before calling to check the status of your offer.
If your offer expires, its terms are no longer binding. Please submit an extension if necessary. You will get a response even if your offer has expired. You will be notified immediately upon the seller’s response.
Extensions: Please submit an Amendment to extend time to respond if necessary and the seller will sign it if your offer is accepted. If you do not submit an extension, provisions will be made in your counter offer extending response time.

Upon Acceptance
Inspections – In most cases the electric is on. Gas will also be on only if heat is required and then only if gas appliances are present and functional. In most cases water will be on to the METER ONLY. In all cases properties have been winterized. DO NOT DISRUPT THE WINTERIZATION. As the property is listed for sale in AS-IS CONDITION, the seller will not guarantee that utilities will be functional for inspection. The seller WILL NOT authorize any repairs for the purpose of inspection unless agreed to in writing in the accepted purchase agreement. In all cases you must request DE-WINTERIZATION if plumbing inspection is required.

ALLOW 5 DAYS FOR DE-WINTERIZATION. If you find that any utility is not on, it is due to a problem with such utilities, and such utilities will NOT BE TURNED ON unless the buyer pays for the repairs required to establish such service. DO NOT ORDER ANY UTILITY TURNED ON WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF an REO Brokers America affiliate.

Earnest Money and the following Original documents must be submitted immediately upon notification of Acceptance of an Offer.

Purchase Agreement- All pages and the Signature Page with original signature of buyer
Counter Offers (if applicable) - All pages and the Signature Page with original signature of buyer
Sellers Addendum - All pages and the Signature Page with original signature of buyer
Lead Based Paint Disclosure (if applicable) - All pages and the Signature Page with original signature of buyer

Title Commitments
Title insurance will not be ordered until an REO Brokers America, LLC affiliate has received earnest money and all original documents.



Making an Offer - In order to be sure you have a secure source of funding for your next Real Estate acquisition, all of the sellers we represent will require proof of funding. Either a Bank Letter indicating your ability to pay cash, or a Pre-qualification letter from your Mortgage Representative will be required to make an offer. See the checklist below for Mortgage Application guidelines and a list of what you will need.

New Mortgage Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval Guidelines - If you plan to obtain a mortgage for your next purchase, you will need to obtain pre-qualification or pre-approval.

Pre-Qualification - quickly determines if you are able to apply for a new mortgage. You will need to pay for a credit report. This does not guarantee approval.

Pre-Approval - Secures your new mortgage financing. Pre-Approval takes longer to obtain, but will greatly speed up the closing time of your new purchase.

To apply for a new mortgage, you will need to prepare the following items. Please feel free to contact us for a reputable Mortgage Representative to contact. The list that follows indicates what you will need.

  1. Home Owners - Current mortgage statement or payment coupon.
  2. Renters - 12 months receipts or copies of checks paid, along with your landlord's name and a phone number.
  3. Authorization to obtain a credit report and to verify employment history.
  4. Previous 2 months pay check stubs.
  5. Previous 2 year's tax returns.
  6. Previous 12 month's bank statements showing deposit of pay checks.
  7. Previous 2 year's W-2 or W-9 forms.
  8. Self Employed - both personal and business tax returns for previous 2 year's as well as Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets.
  9. Proof of Investment income - Rental agreements and Mortgage payment  statements for all income producing properties.
  10. Proof of any other types of income.

Different Mortgage Lenders often require other information depending on your personal situation.


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